Servei trànsit marítim de Tassa

The maritime world

Tassa, in collaboration with shipping lines providing the widest national and international coverage, offers an extensive, personalised service tailored to the individual needs of the client for transporting goods by sea.

Tassa DNA

Our experience and broad knowledge of the sector are leveraged to provide our maritime traffic services with the necessary quality to ensure optimal operation. An extensive network of specialised collaborators in the various forms of transport and load types allows us to offer a quality service at a highly competitive price.

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Sea Container FCL

Containerized FCL service (Equipment: Dry, Reefer, Open Top, Flat Racks, Flexi Tanks, ISO Tanks).


Service for cargo in the hold.

Consolidated Sea Freight – LCL

LCL service (consolidated) for export and import.

Connection with islands

Service to Balearic and Canary Islands.

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The direct contact we maintain with all the shipping companies operating in the peninsular, as well as the other professionals in the logistics chain, puts us in a privileged position to offer incomparable service. This is also due to the proximity of loading/unloading areas and the port of dispatch/arrival.

Servei de tràfic marítim de Tassa

Do you know the most suitable shipping container to transport your goods?

We transport your goods using containers that are best suited to your requirements.

Enllaç als contenidors que ofereix Tassa en el seu servei marítim

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Tassa know-how is at the heart of its products

Our experience and knowledge of products and specific market types enables us to strategically plan logistics solutions adapted to the characteristics of each product.


Bulk goods

Frozen and refrigerated goods

General cargo goods

Liquid goods

Dangerous goods IMO

Rolling stock